Thursday, November 3, 2016

WI GOP Atty. Gen. 'monitors' will work mostly Democratic polls

Shame on the strongly-partisan Republican Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel for announcing his election-day monitors - - so-called "election integrity teams" - - will be sent principally to cities and counties with large concentrations of minority and Democratic-leaning voters.

It's one thing to ensure fair elections. Everyone wants that, and expects no less in Wisconsin - - though GOP efforts by Gov. Walker, the Legislature and the State Supreme Court which dances to their partisan tune to cut voting hours and require voter IDs has already shown those Republican leaders' intentions.

Which has been noted by media far and wide:

National media reports show Wisconsin GOP-led voting suppression

It's another for the state's so-called and misnamed Top Cop to turn GOP nominee Donald Trump's unfounded and racially-charged allegations into taxpayer-paid, state-power enabled voting place intimidation.

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