Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'd have preferred a victory speech, but...

Hillary Clinton delivered a moving concession speech this morning - - even out-ranking her wonderful nomination acceptance address at the Democratic Convention this summer - - that is going into the books as the greatest such speech ever.
Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop.jpg

Her words, tone and message were eloquent.

Inspirational - - from main street to Wall Street.

No wonder the US stock market turned on a dime from a 300 point loss to a 180-point gain.

She may not be the President-elect, but she sure was the Crisis Manager-in-Chief this morning.

One more thing.

Concession speeches are the hardest political talks to deliver. Then elevate the one which Hillary Clinton just made and take into account  the personal stresses, the awareness of close-by crushed family members and devastated supporters, the reality that this was biggest loss imaginable on the biggest stage imaginable amplified by the so-close near-miss breaking the glass ceiling - - and you get a sense of what she just knocked out of the park today.

And the stuff of which she's made.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we've become a "survival of the fittest" society and eloquence and class are no longer considered virtues. We are no longer a nation of "taking care of one another or looking out for one another." Money and power now rule and those who struggle are left behind and will be pushed farther behind once Paul Ryan forces his "Better Way" UPON THE NATION!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the stock brokers on the floor of the stock exchange were chanting "lock her up" during that speech she gave. Hard to believe, she's the reason for the turn around in the market. But whatever gets you thru the day.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Which shows how shriveldicked and dumb the average Wall Street trader/traitor is.

Yesterday's "rally" was blood money going into health care and defense stocks, who stand to make major profits off of human suffering under President Drumpf. Oh, and interest rates spiked up by nearly 1/4 of a point because of the massive deficits that are coming. USA! USA!