Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Scott Jensen is senior advisor to Trump's Ed. Sec. pick

The far, far right with more Wisconsin connections is ascendant in the emerging Donald Trump administration.

And as I said when Trump won - - Wisconsin progressives with the election of Scott Walker and the cementing of his corporately-financed, one-party rule have been through the everything-turned-upside-down shock and grief, so the rest of the country can look to what has happened here for the unfolding template, to wit:

Betsy DeVos of the Amway corporate family, a key funder of the school voucher movement and Board Chairman of its national group American Federation for Children, (AFC) has just been nominated for Education Department Secretary by Trump.
Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg
She is also a frequent donor to Wisconsin Republicans, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign website.

Former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, a Waukesha County conservative Republican, serves as senior advisor to the Devos-led school voucher advocacy group's Government Affairs Team.

Here's the AFC's website and leadership.

After a lengthy battle in the so-called 'caucus scandal' which saw his felony convictions for misconduct overturned, Jensen settled his case with forfeitures, an ethics code violation and a misdemeanor guilty plea.

His plea deal included a proviso that he not run for public office, though Jensen continues to be an influential lobbyist at the State Capitol.

He is the American Federation for Children's registered lobbyist, records show, and is credited with helping significant sums of campaign money to pro-voucher candidates and helping steering millions of state dollars from public to private schools in the ALEC-supported private school voucher initiative, reports show.


Anonymous said...

computer scientists have advised the Clinton campaign to challenge voting results in WI and two other states: CNN

Anonymous said...

computer scientists urge Clinton campaign to challenge results in WI and two other states: CNN

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Thats formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen

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