Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Walker and Clarke should have a fact-check face-off

Hard to tell who'd be the winner.

Walker's people have challenged a key anecdote in Sheriff David Clarke's book, reports Dan Bice.

Yes, book! 

Best part of Bice's story: Clarke's ranting email in response attacking Bice, and Bice's reporting that Clarke is on a Bahamian cruise this week sponsored by National Review.

Is Clarke ever in town?

Can he get that jail of his cleaned up, where there have been four deaths in the last few months?

Book-writing. Campaign speeches by Clarke for Trump and by Walker for other candidates. Now a cruse?

Does anyone come to their big government, taxpayer-paid day jobs anymore?

But back to the squabble

Funny, an attack from Walker, whose own book - - yes, book! - - had its own fact-check issues, reported PolitiFact.

Not to mention this biggie:

Walker says protesters in La Crosse blocked an exit and surrounded a State Patrol car carrying the governor and were "beating on the windows and rocking the vehicle." When the car was "extricated" from the crowd, a truck blocked a second exit.   
Yet we could find no mention of the car rocking incident before the book came out Nov. 19, 2013. 
Beyond the book itself and related public statements, there was no concrete evidence provided by Walker’s office, despite numerous inquiries by PolitiFact...  
Based on the available information, we think the book’s depiction of what happened -- an organized effort to prevent Walker from leaving that placed him in direct danger -- is False.
And we remember when these two authors were pals.

Now I don't think they could even attend the same book club.

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