Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Walker's attack on UW, City of Madison is working

[Updated from 11/22]  Deeply slash the UW budget by $250 million, sandbag its historic mission - - The Wisconsin Idea - - drive faculty away - - already catalogued and documented - -  downgrade science at every turn - - already catalogued and reported - - and campaign against Madison, and Walker is getting exactly what he wanted: weaken Madison/Dane County and the essential attraction of the state's flagship campus:
UW-Madison drops out of top five research universities for first time since 1972
Update - - More information about two professors taking their cutting-edge science and technology to the University of California-Irvine after the end of this semester.

Despite Walker's co-optation for political and personal purposes of the UW-Madison on Twitter, or, more accurately because of it - - 
Scott Walker
- - can I hear a 'Walker, Mission Accomplished!?

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