Wednesday, November 23, 2016

David Clarke's Trump audition reaches epic, comic level

[Updated] Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke's 
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Fox Network 'Hey-look-me-over' cheer-leading appeal to President-elect Donald Trump for a punched ticket out of town and away from his dead-body stained jail has hit a new high low:

Bice: Clarke defends Sessions against racism charges

I'm tired of this race card thing," Clarke, who is black, said of the critics of the white AG nominee on Fox Business News. "The left is out of legitimate excuses for wanting some kind of dialogue about somebody...It's an automatic default from the left to call somebody a racist."
Should Clarke leave the fact-free spin-zone, he might consult the record from someone who made it, under oath:
The comments I heard him make are three decades old, but his consistent policy positions over the years speak volumes. He falsely charged three African American civil rights activists in Alabama, including a longtime adviser to Martin Luther King Jr., with 29 counts of mail fraud, altering absentee ballots and attempting to vote multiple times. 
The evidence showed that these activists were simply helping elderly African American voters complete mail-in ballots. All were acquitted of every charge.
In the decades since, Sessions has promoted the myth of voter-impersonation fraud, despite overwhelming evidence that it is exceedingly rare. 
At the same time, he has ignored the racial impact of voting restrictions, which have a well-documented negative effect on minority communities, the impoverished and the elderly. He has disagreed that people are sometimes denied the right to vote, and in the wake of Shelby County v. Holder, which struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, he proclaimed victory. 
Sessions asserted that “Shelby County has never had a history of denying voters” — willfully discounting the Alabama county’s recent history of discriminatory voting changes.

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Anonymous said...

Radley Balko reported in the Post two years ago on another David Clarke travesty. This Clarke misconduct centers on an innocent woman whom the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Dept framed, hiding exculpatory evidence, and then covered-up the misconduct of deputies.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Dept was busted on video, and Clarke never apologized, and never was charged for criminal misconduct.

Writes Balko:

In February 2013, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Quiles ran a stop sign, then T-boned 25-year-old Tanya Weyker, leaving the woman with a neck broken in four places and medical expenses that could top a million dollars. Yet immediately after the accident, Quiles had Weyker arrested for drunken driving, based on statements from Quiles’s fellow cops that Weyker had a slight odor of alcohol on her breath and she admitted to having a few sips of a friend’s drink at dinner. Her injuries prevented her from taking a breath test.

Balko quotes Fox TV-6, (Milwaukee):

The truth might never have surfaced were it not for video from a nearby airport surveillance camera. It shows what investigators say is Deputy Quiles’ squad car traveling west on Hutsteiner Avenue, then continuing onto Howell without making a complete stop, as Quiles claimed in his report. The Sheriff’s Office knew about the video just two days after the crash. But no one told Weyker.

Instead, the County sent letters blaming her for the crash and threatening legal action if she didn’t pay for the damage.
What type of human garbage would almost paralyze an innocent woman, and then attempt to pin the fault on the woman?
Milwaukee County Sheriff Dept deputies whose conduct is sanctioned by David Clarke.