Sunday, November 20, 2016

True fact: Walker's job creating failed

I know we live in a truth free culture where fake 'news' may have tipped the Presidential election, but I want to pass along the reality that new federal job creation estimates based on the science of sampling show failed private sector job creation during Scott Walker's almost six years as Wisconsin Governor.

The data at the heart of the story:
When Gov. Scott Walker began his term in January 2011, he vowed to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs before the end of his first term. Since that time, private-sector jobs have increased by 198,700, representing a 8.2 percent increase. 
Nationally, private-sector jobs have increased by 12.2 percent since January 2011.
*  The means that the rate of job growth during Walker's tenure is substantially higher nationally than it is in Wisconsin.

*  And it means that Walker's signature 2010 and 2012 promises to create 250,000 new private sector jobs in four years is more than 50,000 jobs, or 20% short.

Helluva a way to position one's self for a third term - - or to reach even higher for a US Senate seat - -  but Walker will do either funded with millions in hard-right corporate and ideological-supplied campaign money while tweeting to the world and and inveighing at by-invitation-only events about 'Jim Doyle...Obamacare...'drug tests for food stamps...I love Paul Ryan...ham and cheese...Go Pack!'

Update - - Adding this link with a closer look at data and Walker's Workforce Department news releases posted on Jake's Economic TA Funhouse blog:

Not only is that job growth much less than originally reported, but the 1.04% quarter-end private sector job growth is the lowest since Walker took office in January 2011, and the lowest in any 12-month period since April 2013 (a weather-related fluke).  

The 1.04% growth is well below the national rate of 1.92% in that time period, and we’ll see in 3 weeks how far down this puts Wisconsin when compared to rest of the US and the Midwest. Given how far behind we are from the national rate, I'm thinking Wisconsin is very likely to be in at least the bottom 20 for the rate of national job growth for the 20th straight quarter during the Age of Fitzwalkerstan, and could well be bottom 10.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker will run against Tammy Baldwin for US Senate. Mark my words.

Although I don't always agree with the left, in fact not a lot although I enjoy debate and discussion here and on other blogs, Walker will never receive my vote for any public office.

Betsey said...

Wisconsin's main export has become right-wing ideologues and lots of bad, really bad ideas.

Anonymous said...

Why is a US Senate seat "even higher?" It's a much worse job with the same electorate.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Generally your point is correct that Guv > Senato. Unless

1. The state is going to completely implode in those next 4 years, and you want to get out before it all crashes down.

2. You have no real other skills outside of running for office and bullshitting people.

That does kinda sound like Walker, in fairness.