Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CT editorial nails Gov. Walker for lie, cover up, lie

Over the weekend I'd urged Wisconsin editorial writers to come down heavily on Gov. Scott Walker for his sneak budget bill attack on the historic role of the UW system, and his subsequent lies about it which were fully revealed when a judge ordered the Walker administration to release relevant records which were being withheld without justification.

Today's editorial and timeline in the Cap Times about the mess Walker brought on himself sets a high bar for Wisconsin media:

Editorial: Scott Walker got caught attacking the Wisconsin Idea, lied about it and then got caught lying
The editorial correctly says Wisconsin citizens have a right to ask what else Walker has lied about.

I've noted on this blog for years - - a sample posting - - that PolitiFact has long found "false" is the leading category for Walker statements the fact-hjecling service has vetted.

You can read the last tally, here, and it shows "false" is still the leading Walker finding. 


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, over at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they endorse everything Walker even though their own Politifact* finds overwhelmingly tells "mostly false", "false" and "pants on fire" lies.

*Politifact, as reported at MJS goes out of their way to give Walker the benefit of the doubt and minimize concerns that reflect poorly on their choice of Governor.

Anonymous said...

With your highness in debt over $900k, I hope the stars are aligning with a serious contender for the Governors office. And please, no Chris Larson, Lena Taylor, or Chris Abele. Barrett, maybe. The time is now.

MadCityVoter said...

The first sentence of Stepp's essay:

"A safe, clean water supply is fundamental to human health and a thriving economy."

I think those words sum up the Walker administration's supposed priorities and total lack of vision very nicely. What does it say that these clowns haven't even met their own minimal standards on any of their three "fundamental" goals? Which themselves make for a very stripped down and uninspired statement concerning the purpose of human existence, the role of government and the majesty of God's creation. What a petty bunch of narrow-minded, small-hearted people we have elected to run our great state!

MadCityVoter said...

Ooops, sorry -- meant to post my comment above on the previous thread. Apologies to all.

Anonymous said...

Mostly FALSE from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Politifact?

No wonder they have constantly promoted his career. They are just as intellectually dishonest as Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel now has story about Don-the-Con Trump at the top of their website proclaiming he had 3,500 lawsuits. The means they will endorse him for the White House.