Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scott Walker's irony-filled Twitter feed too funny

[Updated from 11:15 p.m., 6/27/16] On Monday, seemingly pressing his case or worming it into his party's subconscious that he will be the GOP nominee, Scott Walker shadow #NeverTrump candidate 2.0 went after Hillary Clinton on Twitter:
"In a blistering audit released last month, the State Department’s inspector general that concluded... "
Hmmm..."blistering audit"...where have I seen that before? Oh, right. Here:
Blistering Audit Faults Wis. Job Creation Agency
Also on Walker's Twitter feed:
"Clinton & team ignored clear internal guidance that...email setup violated federal records-keeping standards..."
Again, that theme about emails and improper setups looks so familiar...where have I seen that?

More blistering irony found, here:
Emails link Scott Walker to secret email system
[Update] Even more irony on his Twitter feed, as the career politician, elected official (an incumbent since 1992) and ultimate Wisconsin insider Scott Walker also had this to say just the other day, too:

UK vote showed voters don't trust the "establishment." Bad news for , the ultimate Washington insider


Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules don't apply to us,"

Man MKE said...

This falls under the John Mitchell rule: "Watch what we do, not what we say."

Anonymous said...