Friday, June 10, 2016

UW Regents to WI: 'We don't need that Wisconsin Idea'

Scott Walker got caught lying about trying to delete The Wisconsin Idea from the University of Wisconsin's historic open decision-making/truth-searching mission, but the conservative, corporate ideologues he's appointed to the system's governing Board of Regents have behaved as if the deletion went through as they debated the system's budget in private and rubber-stamped it in a meaningless public vote.

Much the way a corporate board of directors would do, with a fig leaf of information handed out after-the-fact to shareholders.

Walker has gotten exactly the kind of UW system management he and his big business donors want.

He got rid of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and replaced it with a more corporatized and far-less efficient and openly-run Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation he chaired until its operating scandals got too hot for him to handle.

Now we have an emerging University of Wisconsin Inc., with Walker a safer step distanced from the mess.

With Walker, it's strategy, divide-and-conquer 24/7/365.

On, Wisconsin…downward.

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