Saturday, June 11, 2016

If #NeverTrump revives 'midwestern nice' Walker, remember 565%

That figure - - 565% - - is the average interest rate of so-called payday loans allowed in Wisconsin - - where the middle-class has shrunk greater than in any other state and where Gov. Scott Walker is blocking any raise in the $7.25 minimum wage - - which he believes is a living wage - - and where Walker also raised taxes on low-income residents in his first budget - - an ugly reality enabled by Walker and his legislative allies who made obscenely profitable and predatory lending in Wisconsin even more usurious:
No relief from state's 565% payday loan interest under new rules
I bring this just in case any misinformed pundit, reporter, consultant or #NeverTrump operative remembers hearing somewhere that Walker was "midwestern nice" and thinks he should be backed as the anti-Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump rhetoric is mean and brutal.

Walker's policies and programs are mean and brutal - - "#TrumpForReal.

It was Walker who picked and ran self-servingly with the "midwestern nice" label - - a notion I exposed earlier.
Photo courtesy MAL Contends…blog.


Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks Walker is 'Midwestern Nice', wait till they see the racist cartoons and jokes that Walker and his staff shared on his secret email server when he was County Executive.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Shoot, just read the angry, partisan.BS spouted by the "Scott Walker" Twitter feed vs the "Midwestern nice" Governor Walker one. It's almost like he has a split personality