Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How a grandiose gesture would make America worser again

The Great Punter, after suffering a complete charisma and message fail, and dropping away from the Iowa caucus contest last year with a polling number of 1% - - oh, sorry, less than one-half of one percent, my bad- - and without a single delegate, earned or pledged or swapped for a case of Leinie's, a cheesehead and Packer's tickets 'would accept' the GOP presidential nomination if an even greater Know-Nothing is side-tracked.

But ask yourself, why would Republicans turn to Walker when Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Elmer Fudd are available?

In a companion disclosure, I will 'accept' tonight's Powerball jackpot if the winner doesn't claim it.

But back to the man who has demolished Wisconsin.

From the same media now feasting on Trump, Walker, should he selflessly 'accept' the GOP nomination for which he won not a single delegate would also have to accept 'the fine-grained examination of his special relationship with secret emails and dark money campaigning that has exposed Trump as a liar, bigot and fraud:

The long legal battle over a contentious political investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.
And run on his dismal jobs record:
State continues to lag behind nation in job creation
And his foreign policy experience: 
Gov. Scott Walker told thousands of conservative activists Thursday that his experience standing up to 100,000 protesters in 2011 has prepared him to face the threat posed by Islamic State terrorists.
Which almost makes Trump look great again.

Side note - - "Worser" in the headline is an homage to the late, great Madison scribe Roundy Coughlin. Look it up and bow.

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Anonymous said...

He is delusional!

Anonymous said...

"What more could be fairer?"- Walker's argument for replacing Trump.