Friday, June 24, 2016

Illegal gun, drug sales are in the burbs, too.

Remember State Rep. Janel Brandjten, (R-Menomonee Falls) the suburban Wisconsin Assemblywoman
Picture of Representative Janel Brandtjen

who went on an epic finger-pointing rant over crime she said had spilled over Milwaukee's borders and into the burbs?

I wonder if she saw stories in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today about large-scale drug-dealing and gun-running schemes based in Wauwatosa, the relatively-affluent suburb on Milwaukee's western border:

*  Drugs:
Pain doctor, 'OxyCzar' assistant indicted over 'pill mill'
*  Guns:
Tosa man with gun trove to plead guilty of illegal dealing
Brandjten said legislators should retaliate against Milwaukee with cuts to the city's state aid until Milwaukee leaders got on tough - - by suburbanites' standards.

Do we seriously think all those guns and dangerous drugs didn't spill into Milwaukee, or in to other burbs and out-counties?

In fact, the story about the illegal drug dealing says
A woman who ran homes for "the disadvantaged" in West Bend and Milwaukee was using residents to get the pills and then sold them.
Another source told the DEA a man dating [one of the defendants] was getting Oxycodone pills...selling thousands of them for $13 to $14 apiece, the warrant says [and] prescriptions with [another defendant's] name on them went to patients with addresses outside the Milwaukee area and in other states. 
Will we see Brandjten take the same, cut-thestate-revenue-until-it yells "Uncle" with with Wauwatosa?

I doubt it. Suburban GOP elected officials stay in office by bashing Wisconsin's only big city, not the burbs, so rest easy Tosa. You're not in Brandjten's sights. 

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Anonymous said...

Poverty and homelessness are moving to the suburbs too as only low wage jobs are available to folks who live there and have lost their jobs. I hate to see an "us' vs "them" mentality when we are all suffering from low wages and the resulting decrease in government services that results from lowered income tax revenue.