Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Scott Walker goes deep on trade, guns, geopolitics

You can see why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was rumored to be the choice of some GOP "NeverTrump" holdouts.

While Trump is scaring people with talk of slaying suspected terrorists' 
families, building walls, enacting religious travel bans and re-instituting waterboarding - - and "worse" - - Walker is flat-out killing it intellectually with fresh, sophisticated foreign affairs cred and limitless big domestic thinking.

Walker is in Mexico where, he said Wednesday, that Mexican officials have no greater trade concerns about Build-the-Wall Donald Trump than they do about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Translation: I'm still soft on Trump, always anxious to take a misleading, gratuitous and dishonestly conflated shot at Democrats  - - and hope to the God that brought me a Harley-Davidson that the GOP nomination is His Next Big Willed Gift- - so I'll leave the moral and political heavy lifting over the GOP presumptive nominee's racist and fascistic hate-mongering and fear-spewing to others with a backbone.

Which is pretty much any and everyone else in the formerly Grand Old Party.

You can also tell Walker's given a lot of thought to breakthrough solutions about gun violence that, whaddya know, rule out regulations he has long opposed.

For example, he backs the "if you see something, say something" approach - - more slogan and talking point that action plan - - that worked about as well as 'thoughts and prayers' stopping mass gun murder at Sandy Hook Elementary school, an Aurora movie theater and an Arizona supermarket meet-and-greet by the local Congresswoman.

And as not to be called a one-trick pony, Walker also embraced the not-so fine-grained violence prevention approach of 
"just trying to figure out how do we work together."

Which is what you hear when parents across a few neighborhoods decide to post a GoFundMe drive online to get their kids better school band instruments.

What can you say about "just trying to figure out how do we work together," other than it's funny hearing it from the Wisconsin godfather of "divide-and-conquer" political scheming

I'll bet reporters working Walker's trip were equally wowed by the edifying gun control analysis he seamlessly tossed out sur-le-champ...vraiment...on the spot - - really -to support his solutions laissez-faire to gun violence - -  like these bon mots geopolitic:

France already has — you know, where the attacks were last year... 
Yes, that France - - don't you worry, Town of Paris, Kenosha County - - which has well-known  tough gun laws and about which he managed to throw in some pro-NRA "as I recall" and thus documented demagoguing about the laws' ineffectiveness to stop ISIS-minded stone butchers.

Laws about which I'm sure he also recalls - - or had been told - - that were aimed at criminals and other domestic dangers, but which were never designed to block internationally-smuggled military weapons supplied by rogue states to political killers based in Belgium:
France already has — you know, where the attacks were last year — you had some of the most aggressive gun control measures, including as I recall a prohibition on fully automatic firearms and restrictions on semiautomatic, requiring a license and I think background checks and things of that nature,"  
Anyway, he's obviously moved past last year's, um, troubled trade mission to England or that brainfa*t about building a wall across Canada, and is ready to take on ISIS-cum-collective bargaining-protesters.

Walker '16.

Photo courtesy MAL Contends…blog.

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