Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#NeverTrump touting Walker for President

Buckle your seat belt - - as I've been telling you - - when Scott Walker says he's not interested in being the #NeverTrump savior, it means he interested. 

Being President has been his life-long ambition.

A top GOP, perhaps Kingmaker, says has a choice, and guess who?

...Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed one of their preferred methods for stopping Trump: freeing all 2,472 Republican National Convention delegates to vote their conscience, rather than abiding by rules and state laws that bind them to support Trump. 
“Delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit,” Walker said, according to an Associated Press account.
At the same time, Saul Anuzis, a top adviser to Ted Cruz’s former presidential campaign who has long dismissed attempts to unhorse Trump, floated the notion that a Walker/Cruz ticket would provide the only political mix to tempt conservative delegates away from Trump at the convention.
These things do not happen by accident.

And remember that while a shocked GOP found out Monday that Trump only raised a recent mere million or so dollars, Walker raised $50 million for his 2012 gubernatorial recall election.

GOP Deep Pockets like Walker - - the saved him in 2012 - - for what? Just to be Wisconsin Governor? - - and he's long been a Koch brothers favorite.

If Walker were back in the picture - - and I'd argue, he's been there all along, just more quietly - - do you think the Koch brothers, and Sheldon Adelson, et al, would be on the sidelines, where they are now?

Get to know your 'Midwestern nice' candidate.

And here is the fuller Walker picture.

And, yes, Walker was the first of the GOP nomination quitters, but her dropped out suggesting the very #NeverTrump coalescing of which he always wanted to be the main beneficiary, and continued to travel and attack Hillary Clinton and President Obama, as if he were still in the race.

No coincidence also that both Walker and fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan - - the top GOP elected official nationally - - both invoked "conscience" as the delegates #NeverTrump bailout path.

It sounds like a talking point.

Scripted and coordinated.

The story is certainly a trial balloon, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Eeewwwwww. Everything about this man just reeks of corruption and thuggery...

Anonymous said...

Walker is a liar, alright.

Difficult to see Republicans letting Walker in though, whatever delusions Walker holds.

Walker is too dumb, and people know this.

Anonymous said...

Boy, talk about Republican self inflicted suicide. Walker wouldn't even carry Wisconsin and Trump would run as an independant with a very large following and a very angry base.

The Bern may end up being President.

Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure it's Walker Cruz?

My money is on Walker and Rick Snyder for veep.

Anonymous said...

There may have been enough consensus across the national media shills to promote Chimpfurher George W. Bush and catapult him into the White House, but Scotty does not nor will not enjoy the same propaganda on a national level. The in-state media does nothing but lie and promote him across a tightly controlled right-wing echo-chamber, but national media will not state their brands and reputations behind a loose-cannon like Walker.

This is the fool that tried to one-up Donald Trump by proclaiming we not only needed his wall between Mexico and the U.S., but we need to build a second wall between the U.S. and Canada -- one of the longest national boundaries between 2 countries in the world!

Walker -- what a maroon -- but he is propped up and only a viable candidate by massive propaganda across Wisconsin's dysfunctional media.

my5cents said...

No, every delegate should NOT vote as they see fit. They should be bound to vote according to the people's choice. That's why we have primary elections. If our votes do not count for anything, then why hold primaries to begin with. In addition, no primaries means that Corporations don't get to exert their influence over the candidate until the general election. I suppose they could do that with the delegates, if they know who they are, and buy them off, but it would not be as easy to do as just buying off one candidate.

Unknown said...

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