Wednesday, June 22, 2016

'Smartest' guy Paul Ryan displays his nasty & dumb side

[Updated] You couldn't say anything more insensitive, more openly disrespectful of the iconic civil rights leader, sit-in veteran/protest beating survivor and Congressman John Lewis, and more dismissive of mass gun murders in America than US House Speaker Paul Ryan this afternoon calling the unprecedented House floor sit-in led by Lewis over the NRA's blockade of laws to close gun-buying loopholes "a publicity stunt."

Shameful - - since it was just the other day that Ryan was telling GOP convention delegates to vote their "conscience" when the nomination rolls is called next month. How about he instructs his members to find their conscience and vote it when it comes to stemming 33,000 gun deaths each year in this country?

A portrait shot of Paul Ryan, looking straight ahead. He has short brown hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a red and blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background is the American flag.
So much for Ryan's undeserved reputation as the smartest guy in the room, House or party.

Ryan further shows his ultra-partisan and insensitive side by pushing through a vote to further deregulate financial portfolio management in the midst of the uproar on the House floor over high-profile gun massacres and everyday firearm mayhem. 

Maybe we'll see Ryan completely sacrifice his reputation and that of the Former Party of Lincoln by having Lewis and other protesting House members removed.

Those tactics didn't work too well for other authoritarians who ejected Lewis and protestors when acts of peaceful civil disobedience took place nationally years ago.

Props to House Democrats for reinvigorating this important debate with historic direct action.

And overlook tomorrow's talk radio and organized GOP wailing about those horrible House Democrats and their disregard for decorum.

What about the loss of decorum at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Pulse nightclub, a church in Charleston, a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, etc., etc?


Anonymous said...

Ryan only has a dumb side. It as always a lie that he was a "policy wonk" and "numbers guy" and this propaganda was cast across the nation before he was added to the 2012 republican presidential ticket. Anyone paying attention to the process of 2016 should be able to clearly see: Our elections are fixed on many different levels and the U.S. is not a democracy, but it all begins with massive amounts of media propaganda.

Our Scott Walker is proof of this. The rightwing media echo-chamber in Wisconsin is able to catapult the disinformation and propaganda that Walker is a great and brave leader with "big and bold" ideas.

The rest of the nation is not stooopid enough to swallow this, so the national media did not jump on the Walker bandwagon as he sucked union-made swill and rode a Harley across key states -- in the process, he crashed his national support to essentially ZERO!

There is not enough national propaganda behind him to make Walker a legitimate presidential contender, but in Wisconsin, he has all of the media reporting his talking points as news. This is the very definition of propaganda and it only exists with compliant and complicit media that largely acts in unison.

my5cents said...

No, Ryan is not the smartest rube in the room as was described in this story from Think Progress.

Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan was a "policy wonk" and a "numbers guy" in the same way Sarah Palin was an "energy expert".

I.e. the reality of these similar marketing schemes existed only in the fetid swamps of the Faux News/Republican "campaign consultant" hive mind.