Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another WI GOP official offers more crucial burbsplaining

We city people always appreciate Wisconsin Republican officeholders who take time from their busy schedules to decode the complex world for us.

Where some would denigrate, these leaders educate:

*  Most recently, we thank Kewauskum's GOP State Rep. and sociologist Jesse Kramer for his acute observations about race, Milwaukee and one of its elected officials.

“The representative [Milwaukee State. Rep. Mandala Barns] resides in a community that is crumbling around him, but doesn't even have the courage and fortitude to address the real problems in his own backyard — an explosion of crime, the breakdown of the family and inner city youth who are thirsting for a strong, honest, father-figure leader with integrity," Kremer said. "Rep. Barnes could be that strong, black leader — but that would take hard work and perhaps some criticism by his own colleagues..."
Kremer was the architect of some of the most controversial bills introduced in the state Legislature last session, including a bill that would require transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their sex at birth, a bill that would require food stamp recipients to use photo IDs for their purchases and a bill that would allow guns to be carried on school grounds. 
*  A few days earlier, it was the equally-helpful GOP State Rep. Janel Brandjten, the public face of Menomonee Falls - - in fact, she may have also helped Rep. Kremer understand all he needs to know about inter-community relations. 

As she said in a well-tempered and mannered news release:

Last week homeowners in Washington County were held hostage in their homes by the actions of 5 young criminals from Milwaukee. All night long the Milwaukee Police, SWAT teams and law enforcement from Washington County combed the darkness for 5 youths with guns. Families were forced to unlock their gun cabinets and instruct their loved ones to shoot to kill. 
The violence and the crime that has plagued Milwaukee for decades has now begun to spill over into Milwaukee’s suburbs. I lay the responsibility for this growing and out of control problem at the door of the Mayor’s office. Mayor Barrett may not care about the safety of his family but I certainly do care about mine. 
Mayor Barrett, the people of southeast Wisconsin will not sit by and watch your administration destroy the entire region with failed liberal policies and a 10 second “Tommy Tough Talk” sound bite. If you do not fill the hundreds of vacant police officer positions, apprehend and arrest car thieves, demand prison for repeat criminals and start standing up to the judges who let repeat offenders off easy you will be in my opinion “assisting and enabling” the very criminals who are responsible for the record number of shootings, car jacking’s and murders. 
I will be openly advocating for funding cuts to Milwaukee unless steps are taken to dramatically cut crime in Milwaukee. I will no longer sit by while you destroy Milwaukee and its flourishing suburbs. I cannot justify financing your failed policies in Milwaukee until you take public safety seriously.
You can't miss Brandjten's ability to look across invisible regional borders and spot an obvious concern for life in general, and specifically about Milwaukee.

And I'm glad she personalized her message for Milwaukee's Mayor by mentioning "Barrett [and] the safety of his family," because we all know that some elected officials pay too much attention to the job and not enough attention to the well-being of the rest of the household.

I am sure that Barrett will hear and grasp message since he's almost completely recovered from the severe beating and head injuries delivered on a West Allis suburban street after a night at the State Fair a few years ago with his family.

Hat tip, Bruce Murphy for reminding Brandjten.

And if you'd forgotten...While almost at the family vehicle, and without the routine protection of a security detail to whom he'd given a night off, Barrett confronted a metal pipe-wielding 20-year-old man whose actions threatened Barrett's family and others on the street - -  including the assailant's infant child and the grandmother. The man then attacked Barrett about the head, face and hand when the Mayor began calling 911 on his cellphone
It started with an urgent plea for help late Saturday night as he walked to his car after a State Fair outing with his family. 
And it ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood with a broken hand after he rushed to confront a pipe-wielding suspect officials described as a "vicious thug."
So add "motivate" and "cooperate" to "educate" - - the Brandjtens and Kremer way.

*  And who could forget former GOP State Senator and now-Congressman Glenn Grothman, now enjoying a second year abroad in Washington, DC, for his keen observations on Kwanzaa, single-parenting, and women who have no need of wage equality.

And about the State of Wisconsin having no need for that annual Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

*  And I guess we should tip our caps to Scott Walker, these GOP legislators' motivational leader, for having mastered both the big picture, Big City word slam against any more Milwaukees, as well as the precisely-tuned dog whistle about lazy video game players who need to get off the sofa and the dope.

Walker certainly added "elevate" to the discussion.

Bottom line: Milwaukee thanks you all for your willingness to educate.

Because there are always some still willing to discriminate.

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Anonymous said...

In a separate interview, apparently Mr. Kremer took the required gratuitous swipe at Obama and said, "I don't remember race ever being a problem before he took office." Does he learn his history from those Texas textbooks?