Friday, June 17, 2016

Decoding Scott Walker at this crucial #AnyoneButTrump moment

With continuing chatter about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker becoming the #NeverTrump savior - - despite Walker's early GOP campaign flame out last year before a single caucus ballot was cast in supposedly-Walker-friendly Iowa  - - let's decode his talking point-laden refusal to fix Wisconsin's notably decayed roads:

Walker 'wrote' in an op-ed:
I will not raise the overall tax burden on the hardworking people of Wisconsin.
Walker decoded:
Are you kidding? I'm not wrecking my chances of backing into the GOP Presidential nomination I'm obsessed with by getting anywhere near a tax increase.
And potholes? What potholes? When I'm in Wisconsin, my State Patrol driver never mentions about them. 


Anonymous said...

The hard working people are already spending big dollars keeping their cars in running order Potholes destroy tires and front ends. $1200 to replace tires, struts and all the other parts. Who is he kidding.

Anonymous said...

At what point to our premiums go up because the roads have such a bad rating?

Anonymous said...

Only the idiots that blindly follow Walker would believe that by not raising taxes he is saving us money. Just take a look at the increase in fees for many if not all of Wisconsin's government services. He is only fooling the fools that follow him if he thinks he he is safe by not raising taxes but raising fees for other state services. A fee for a governmental service is a tax. To the person paying the fee it is coming from the same checkbook. As to the roads if he raise the gas tax everyone buying gas in Wisconsin would be paying that tax. Vacationers, transient travelers would be contributing to the Wisconsin coffers. That money could go to fixing the roads.