Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WI DNR's Stepp lauds lead pipe removal plan that screws Milwaukee

Drip, drips goes the propaganda:

Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp is bragging about a drop-in-the-bucket state plan that will replace but a fraction of lead pipes carrying drinking water to homes occupied statewide by low-income residents even though the penny-pinching program directs most of the money away from Milwaukee - -a minority-majority city where most of the state's low-income urban residents and potentially-dangerous lead pipes are located.

These Walkerites have no shame.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Sounds like a federal Civil Rights lawsuit waiting to happen. Great, more money for Brad Schimel to blow on defending scummy, one-sided laws.

Anonymous said...

What Walker and Stepp won't tell you. Due to the budget cuts to state parks DNR employees will be assigned to the parks at the expense of their other duties such as enforcement, monitoring, regulating and growing and protecting our air, water land and animal resources.

Another brilliant move by Walker.............starve a department of government funds, making it perform badly, create public resentment, use the growing popular contempt to enact further cuts and finally privatize!

MadCityVoter said...

The first sentence of Stepp's essay:

"A safe, clean water supply is fundamental to human health and a thriving economy."

I think those words sum up the Walker administration's supposed priorities and total lack of vision very nicely. What does it say that these clowns haven't even met their own minimal standards on any of their three "fundamental" goals? Which themselves make for a very stripped down and uninspired statement concerning the purpose of human existence, the role of government and the majesty of God's creation. What a petty bunch of narrow-minded, small-hearted people we have elected to run our great state!

Anonymous said...

State parks huh? I wondered what the re-organization would mean. I know the Forestry Bureau is moving to Spooner but I did wonder about the rest.

Anonymous said...

The DNR has changed from 'Damn Near Russia' to "Do Not Regulate". Thevdnr hae become as useless as you can imagine. Despite an attempt at showmanship, you can be sbsolutrly sure nothing meab
ningful willbe accomplished. Especially in the CAFO world for instance, anything goes. Even in Drinking Water, despite what Frau Stepp says, NOTHING but show and misdirection will happen. Walker/Stepp have succeeded in making the dnr a joke as far as any environmental protection.