Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 contest: party of (D)iversity vs. party of (R)acism

The line couldn't be more clearly drawn.

On the day it becomes clear that the Democratic Party will become the first major political party in US history to nominate a woman for President - - former US Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - -  the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives - - Paul Ryan of Wisconsin -- the state in which the GOP was founded and helped elect and re-elect Pres. Abraham Lincoln - - said Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, had made a racist attack on a US District Court Judge.

But Rayn said he would still support Trump for the same office held by Lincoln.

Give Ryan a modicum of credit for linguistic honesty during this otherwise shameful self-destructive embrace of failure, but note that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker  couldn't even muster that single shred of character and intellectual honesty by shrugging off Trump's racism and with it, any understanding of Wisconsin's role in his party's founding history and how he is erasing himself from that legacy.

Leave it also to a GOP Senator from the deep south to further shame our once-proud Northern state's current crop of cowardly, partisan pretend leaders.
Joseph McCarthy.jpg
He's back and Wisconsin's high-profile GOP leaders are OK with that.

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