Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not all Walker donors are created equal

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Are there no standards anymore?

Consider the lack of equity applied to big Walker donors:

*  The manure spreaders donated about $30,000.

*  The golf course magnate, about $40,000.

*  So is the mining company which kicked in $700,000, and never got the mine entitled to a rebate, or full refund?

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Anonymous said...

They can sell the mining rights -- this project is not dead and the corrupt laws are still on the books. Iron prices are down and there will be lots of money in selling this in the future.

Of course, Gogebic will have to pay Walker more money to get waived out of payments they stopped making, but that doesn't mean they can't exploit this for gain.

All it will take is more donations, perhaps to Walker's next criminal defense fund.