Saturday, June 25, 2016

When will Walker blame Brexit for weak WI job growth?

Sooner rather than later, since his pattern has been to scan the headlines and discover all sorts of reasons for his job-creating failures - - - - State Capitol protesters, the recall election, data he didn't like, fighting in Syria, Congressional fiscal cliff maneuvering, Obamacare and the federal government.

Not to mention workers themselves, and, of course, the all-powerful Jim Doyle, now out of office for 65 months.

All producing this headline:

Gov. Scott Walker delivered about half the jobs promised in first term
Though Walker's analysis of Brexit - - if and when he shares it - - may contain informed, even studious insight because he was in Britain just last year, as you may remember.

And the there was the follow-up, wherein the British Prime Minister politely called Walker a liar.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's measured piece is worth a read.


Anonymous said...

He seems to be blaming Obamacare for everything lately so I guess we should get ready for him to try and get the GOP nomination at the convention. Ick.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I have no doubt that'll be his next excuse when the Oscar Mayer closing and related items make Wisconsin's jobs numbers revert back to subpar.

Then he'll take a page from Drumpf's book and blame Brexit on the pro-EU Obama, like the craven fool that he is

Anonymous said...

He's a stupid IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

With the help of his BFF Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker and his gang of cronies will just start punching hippies again. The rest of Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber will endlessly repeat the chorus that all of our economic problems are due to the poorest and least powerful among us and not the people actually doin' the thievin'.

Sue said...

I'm just wondering if Wisconsin voters will ever have their "What the hell did we just DO?" moment.

Greg Walz-Chojnacki said...

Change your headline from a question to a statement and it's an Andy Borowitz item! Funny 'cause it's true. And sad but true.