Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fake Democratic Sheriff Clarke wants $60 million for new hires

Milwaukee County's right-wing Sheriff David Clarke - - who runs as a Democrat, bashes Pres. Obama, practically lives on local GOP-compliant talk radio and on Fox News and hangs with weird constitutionalist sheriffs - - wants in the era of austerity ushered in by best friend Scott Walker the hiring of another 200 deputies and 400 Milwaukee police officers.

At about $100,000 per hire - - salary, benefits and training - - that's $60,000,000 in money that does not exist and never will until Republican Gov. and Clarke ally Scott Walker and his revenue-and-budget slashing legislative buddies are retired.

Which begs the question: aside from headlines, and cheap talk - - what game is Clarke playing?

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Dave Reid said...

I'd just add: that's $60 million a year!