Monday, June 13, 2016

Wasting $700 million of 'hard-working taxpayers' money'

Walker and his phony conservative cronies strike again.
Highway project delays rack up $700 million cost overruns
No wonder there isn't any WisDOT funding to fill potholes, leaving Wisconsin with among the worst roads in the nation.

All so Walker can promote to his backers in future elections the fiction that he won't raise any tax - - though he raised taxes on low-income residents to finance tax cuts for wealthier filers.


No: Midwestern nice.


boxer said...

They seem to use their limited resources to expand roads or build new roads for which they won't have money to maintain.

Anonymous said...

All by design: build, repair, remove (then repeat). Somebody's making money . . .

Anonymous said...

Thank Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and you local noooooooozepaper that endorsed this incompetent hack. Propaganda works.

Anonymous said...

1. Political dollar donation in the X amount. To governor and cronies.
2. Let contracts to the donor in the amount of X+Y (profit margin).
3. Repeat as needed.
4. Add fees (taxes) to low income folks to pay for money need to pay to keep the cycle going.