Friday, June 17, 2016

Ron Johnson fundraiser is weapon of mass deception

The New York Times is reporting that Ron Johnson, the one-time Oshkosh plastics executive who believes that sunspots are causing global warming, and is said to occupy a US Senate seat though has missed 60% of meetings of a Homeland Security committee he chairs, will bring former President George W. Bush to Wisconsin as a re-election fundraiser.
You may remember that Bush, now an oil painter, told the world that Iraq needed to be attacked because it had weapons of mass destruction - - yet none were found by invading US troops whom Bush dispatched with "shock and awe" - - and was putting nuclear weapons together with yellow cake uranium sought in Africa, aluminum tubes and laboratories-on-wheels, as Bush minions claimed.

The war Bush started in 2003 is still going on. One estimate of the war's deaths to date: 251.000.

Sidenote: Johnson may have been declared the most vulnerable Senator facing re-election this year, but clocks in at only #4 least popular with his constituents.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to give Shrub my middle-finger salute. I may have to go see Ro Jo and give him one too.

Peter Felknor said...

I always thought GWB to be misguided, but basically a decent guy. Maybe I was wrong. You can't back up RoJo with any kind of conscience.

Anonymous said...

Peter -- you thought a nice guy lied the U.S. into wars with false stories about weapons of mass destruction?

Sometimes I think positive change is hopeless. I will give people that think like you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was all those lies about the "Beer Factor" and that we all wanted to suck some PBR with him.

But that was just more media propaganda that has not been used by the national media since. Everyone knows that America doesn't actually want to have a beer with a self-admitted problem drinker (and likely alcoholic), but the media told us over-and-over again that we did.

Nothing nice about W...

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are going to auction off some of his paintings.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's in town for the Lakefront Festival of the Arts