Sunday, June 12, 2016

Solidarity with Orlando victims, concern for our culture

We'd watched the entire funeral service for Muhammad Ali on Friday and never felt better about the country's embrace of ecumenicalism, diversity, tolerance and respect. 

Today, all gone. 

NBC also reported that the President's measured and solemn talk to the nation was the 15th such mass shooting event during his presidency.

After 7.5 years in office, that's one every six months - - not to mention the daily, grinding carnage - - including five dead in Roswell, NM in a family massacre Saturday or countless others locally or nationally shot routinely and nearly anonymously who are now swept out of mind and out of the news - - in this gun-obsessed-and-saturated country. 

These facts - - including the ubiquity in many of these events, including today's, of the battlefield-inspired, easily-acquired, casualty-expanding AR-15 assault rifle in the perpetrator's hands - - speak for themselves, at our peril.

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