Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nativism takes England out of EU. And backward

As the social and economic costs mount with England's punt from the EU - - and with ripple effects in the US economy and people's wallets and savings - - let's redouble all efforts in the US to keep Donald Trump and his rightist, isolationist, intentionally-misleading and fear-based separatism far from the White House.

Referenda often allow a ginned-up faction to say "No," giving voice to all sorts of grievances, real, imagined and easily manipulated by professionals.

In this case, England just built itself a wall from the biggest continental economy, trade and travel.

Heads up, Uncle Sam. Nativism and wall-building and hate on the rise here, too.

As put it:
British voters just unleashed an economic and political tsunami 
And it's headed for American shores.

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