Friday, June 10, 2016

Walker's home care privatization off the table - - 'at this time'

Scott Walker is withdrawing - - for now - - his administration's much-condemned plan to upend thousands of disabled citizens' from their long-term, home care arrangements funded through Medicaid and move them to for-profit insurance company coverages.

But note the withdrawal is conditional - - "at this time" - - so be careful not to think the idea is dead.

So I'll believe it when it doesn't appear in his 2017-'19 budget, or reappear as a separate bill.

Remember Walker's pledged 2014 disinterest in running for President which became 'Hey, look at my fund-raising committee'?

Or the Right-to-Work bill which went from 'not interested' to 'just signed'?

Or the dead iron mining bill that was revived and passed?

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