Monday, June 6, 2016

Walker trivializes Trump's attack on ethnic groups to 'issue,' or 'thing'

Donald Trump continues incendiary, racist attacks on Hispanics and Muslims, saying American judges of those backgrounds were not qualified to supervise court cases in which he is or could be a party.

Enter, stage right, Wisconsin Gov. and head word-salad tosser Scott Walker to carry Walker's toxic water by reducing Trump's hate-filled statements to "issues" or trivialized, impersonal "things" which were not serious enough to cost Trump Walker's endorsement for President of the United States:

There are issues, not the least of which lately with his statements about the judge he commented on, which I just fundamentally disagree with him on, so just saying that I'll support him over Hillary Clinton doesn't mean I embrace all the things that he says or all the ways that he says it."
Racism is racism, and papering it over makes it racist times two. 

The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank says Republicans are finally discovering that "Trump is an actual racist."
The things Trump is doing now — disparaging the “Mexican” judge, disqualifying Muslim judges, calling somebody claiming Native American blood “Pocahontas” and singling out “my African American” — is very much in line with what he has been doing for the past year, and before. 
More than six months ago, I began a column by proposing, “Let’s not mince words: Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist.” 
His bigotry went back decades, to the Central Park jogger case, and came to include: his leadership of the “birther” movement suggesting President Obama was a foreign-born Muslim, his vulgar expressions for women, his talk of Mexico sending rapists into America, his call for mass deportation, his spats with Latino news outlets, his mocking Asian accent, his tacit acceptance of the claim that Muslims are a “problem” in America, his agreement that American Muslims should be forced to register themselves, his call to ban Muslim immigration, his false claim about American Muslims celebrating 9/11, his tweeting of statistics from white supremacists, his condoning of violence against black demonstrators and his mocking of a journalist with a physical disability.
Walker - - whether ignorant or willfully obtuse or willing to excuse just about any action or statement for partisan advantage, or maybe angling for some Trumpian cash to pay down that failed "Our American Revival" 2015 Presidential Puntathalon debt, or unconsciously finding commonality with Trump and his own embrace in Wisconsin for discriminatory Voter ID, and food stamp cuts combined with mandatory drug tests - - seems to be one Repubkican who hasn't gotten the message.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat and obviously not a Walker supporter...

Yet I would respect him and others like Paul Ryan more if they'd come clean and call racism out -- directly, and not with a convoluted word salad, and not days after Trump spews his racist crap.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel told me to vote for Scott Walker and I did. They told me he speaks directly to God.

Anonymous said...

Walker's support of Trump is way beyond ignorance. He is a racist, fear mongering turd. Heck, he's afraid of the Canadians. How many Americans think the wall between the USA and Canada is a good idea? ONE. We have lots of other evidence of his racist attitude: trying to stop minorities from voting, attacks on Milwaukee, redistricting, attack on unions, attacks on unemployment, drug testing for assistance (note that he did not offer to drug test politicians), etc. I would say his attack on city schools but he's done the same to rural schools, but maybe his attack on education and teachers is racist, maybe it all boils down to creating an ignorant society, which then would become racist.

Scooter should read 2 Corinthians 5:15 or Acts 8:26-40. Maybe he then would find out that because of his hatred, it may not really be God talking to him, but the one he truly worships.

My guess is that the major news media in Wis will fail to call Scooter, or Ryan for that matter, out for their support of Trump. Why not? because they have supported the racist tactics of the dirtbag Walker. If they call him out they would have to basically rescind their endorsement and admit they have supported a racist pig.