Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No bans exist, but WI lawmakers ban local plastic bag bans anyway

Though they take 500 years to degrade, pollute our waters and take up a helluva lot of landfill and highway right-of-way space, the GOP-led Wisconsin Legislature has used its precious, taxpayer-paid time and the power of state law to make sure you can get all the plastic shopping bags you want
Local governments wouldn't be able to ban grocers or others from using plastic bags, under a bill approved 19-13 by GOP senators on a party-line vote. No communities in Wisconsin have such a ban, but Republicans passed AB 730 to ensure none adopt them as the idea takes root in cities in some other states.
Local control? Grassroots decision-making? A cleaner environment?

Bag it.


Anonymous said...

Walker's legislators have now passed over 100 bills taking away or limiting local control. These are the very same clowns who tout "the best government is the government closest to the people.....local government!" They are so power hungry and so indebted to their donors that they pass anything that their funders want with no regard to the people's needs or wants. Wake up Wisconsin and take back your government by sending Walker's boys and girls out of Madison!

Paul Berge said...

Is it too late to illustrate this post with a photo of hundreds of plastic bags plastered to fences after a strong wind?

James Rowen said...

I can still do that, but need a picture I can properly use.

my5cents said...

This is just a small part of their great plan to take away all local control from every city, town, village, township, and possibly counties down the road and give that authority to the state government. Once the people are silenced completely, then big business will completely take over and we will be living in an Oligarchy. This is what is going on little by little by little. Most people don't even see it happening. The only way to stop it is to vote Democratic in all upcoming elections.