Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Can we say that Trump nuked his campaign today?

After refusing to rule out using nukes in the Middle East, and Europe - - after urging nuclear proliferation in Asia - - and punishing women who obtain abortions. 


Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking -- no other republican is any more rational and all would say the same thing if they thought their base would rally around it. Remember, Scott Walker was essentially saying he would launch World War III the minute he won the fall Presidential election.

I was at the rally in Janesville yesterday (believe-it-or-not, I sold my 2 free tickets for $10 each to some trump morons!). His base will eat this up and, really, Hillary Clinton is just as big a war hawk.

Anonymous said...

I wish media would cover the other candidates. And is it too much to ask that they remind people that there is a very important Supreme court of WI race on Tuesday too? Kloppenburg for Supreme Court. Turn over the ballot after voting for the Democratic nominee of your choice and vote Kloppenburg.

Anonymous said...

Trump can say whatever he wants and it can't be worse than Scott Walker. I'm voting for the guy because he isn't owned.