Thursday, March 3, 2016

US scientist caught pushing climate change agenda

It's going to take a President Trump or Cruz to get the federal government out of this science/propaganda business:
During his extended time in low-Earth orbit, [US astronaut and Navy Captain Scott] Kelly had the unique opportunity to observe Earth’s surface and atmosphere as it moved through a year’s worth of seasons... 
“The more I look at earth and certain parts of Earth the more I feel more of an environmentalist,” Kelly said in his last press conference from the ISS.
“There are definitely areas where the earth is covered with pollution almost all the time. And it’s not good for any of us. There are weather systems that I’ve seen while I was up here that were places that were unexpected. Storms bigger than we’ve seen in the past. And this is a human effect. You can tell that that is not a naturally occurring phenomenon.”

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