Friday, March 18, 2016

Official WI tourism agency touts beauty near proposed 26,000-pig farm

The official tourism site run by the State of Wisconsin makes the waters near the proposed 26,000-pig farm in Bayfield County something worth seeing before the pigs move in. (The City of Ashland also draws its drinking water from Chequamegon Bay, too, fyi).

Says the tourism site, with photos:

Located on the south shore of Lake Superior near Ashland, Chequamegon Bay's varied habitat is home to waterfowl, warblers and shorebirds in spring; snowy owls and bohemian waxwings in winter. The Chequamegon Bay area is among the best birding destinations in the Midwest, with a wide variety of habitats hosting nearly 300 bird species. Abundant public lands and extraordinary natural beauty provide visitors with unparalleled nature watching opportunities in this exceptional area of northern Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Nothin' says "WISCONSIN" like the smell of pig and cow feces. That's why all over America, we are known for the "smell of our derriere".

Isn't it wonderful that Scott Walker and his Republican supporters and even the state tourism agency are going to make the smell bigger, better, and more powerful?

And as a bonus, we this in our drinking water too!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pig farm will offer free tours complete with a ham dinner at the end.

Anonymous said...

Ham is expensive, Anon 11:25. More likely they give away pig feces and urine, which they will have in abundance. The locals will not be able to consume it all in their water supplies, so it would make sense to distribute it at the end of tours.

Evidently, Wisconsin voters have given Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicandrink, coo-controlled legislature a mandate force us to drink, cook, and bath in run-off from manure lagoons. Maybe Wisconsinites will flock to concentrated animal feeding operations to get this toxic swill.

After all, they line up to go on Miller Brewery tours.

Anonymous said...

Well, since it may be difficult to get enough farm land to spread the stuff on, making everyone take a ton home will be the price of the tour.

Ashland WI City Resident said...

t makes no sense. Tourism has always been the life blood of this region. WHY ANYONE would even consider permitting a pig farm which produces 8 million gallons of excrement per year is beyond me. Kudos to the Bayfield County Chamber for taking a clear stand against the CAFO. Sadly the Ashland Chamber of Commerce has been silent on the issue. Or at the very least clandestine with it's public statements.