Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WisDOT news release zips past the truth

To zip means to move quickly, but trust me, there won't be much zipping - - though there could have been, had it not been derailed - - through an eastbound I-94 lane closure through the fall just because WisDOT throws an imaginary "zipper" into the mix:
As part of the Zoo Interchange project, a lane closure on I-94 East, between Sunnyslope Road and WIS 100, will be in effect beginning March 5 until early fall 2016.
  • Utilize all lanes of traffic until the merge area is reached
  • At the merge area, take turns merging, like a zipper
  • Consider using one of the alternate routes shown below


Betsey said...

Yes, do let's count on the goodwill of drivers who've been waiting in long lines and are rushing to get somewhere!

Anonymous said...

The clusterf#ck that is I94 "reconstruction" is really nothing just Scott Walker's version of Chris Christie's Washington Bridge shutdown.

Evidently, creating dangerous and potentially deadly traffic patterns is now considered part of the republican strategy to instill anger and resentment across voters.