Monday, March 14, 2016

Thank you, WI GOP State Senate, for Monday's surprise honesty

[Updated.] What a wonderful Monday afternoon it was at the Wisconsin State Capitol - - in fact, it was one of the great days in recent Wisconsin political history - - because the manipulations and lies of the ruling party fully fell away and revealed a nauseating but honest blend of hypocrisy and plain old bullish*t.

Remember the GOP's sudden outbreak of compassion? Committing to some spending - - modest, to be sure, but it was a pledge of public dollars to fight Alzheimer's disease, especially where a state task force said it was really needed - - in service-deprived, deep red, rural Wisconsin.

And for a pledge to provide some long overdue student loan debt relief, too.

Turned out to be words. Just words. Promises. Feints. Leadership-by-press release. Boasts, false hopes, and hoaxes.

The truth was out Monday: the state senate signaled it would kill it.

Sorry, Wisconsin households overwhelmed by parents and grandparents crippled financially and emotionally by incurable, progressive dementia.

Where the older siblings are unable to lend much of a hand, given their student loan debt burden, and limited resources.

All because the Wisconsin state senate, and the assembly, and Walker-the-austerity-King already gave away all the money - - our money - - through tax cuts to their business cronies while starving everyone else's needs and agendas.

That's what anti-government ideology and its corporate practitioners told them to do with state power and the money - - our money - - since in the paneled boardrooms and clubhouses and private dining rooms there's no one wanting or waiting for anything but the best health care, or most sophisticated senior care and education and treatment, or fully-paid tuitions for the kids.

So, lesson learned, Bucky: the GOP won't actually follow through on its promises and platitudes and talking points with actions that advance an actual, life-affirming public purpose.

Somehow it all became a lowered priority - - and way too expensive.


Clemetine said...

This makes me sick, sick,sick. I just can't believe how much damage these awful Republicans have managed to wreak in such a few years.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yes, God forbid we roll back any minor bit of corporate tax cuts or WEDC handouts to give a small bit of assistance to Wisconsinites that actually have added something to this state (unlike the WEDC recipients).

Nice priorities.

Anonymous said...

Well you can't expect Wisconsin's Republican leadership to, you know, invest in the Badger State, its children, and citizens. Scott Walker has to raise more than $1 million dollars to pay off that motorcycle joy-ride that God told him to take on the public's dime.

He needs every penny that can be squeezed out of taxpayers to reward out-of-state multinational corporate interest so that they kick a tiny tiny percentage back for the bills he irresponsibly ran up pretending to be presidential timber.

God may have told him to run, but the irrespondible $90,000 per day reported by his BFFs in Wisocnsin media was his choice. And remember, the media is lying to you about that. The $90,000 was based on initial estimates which mistated Walker's national campaign debt at about $1.4 million.

He was able to shake down his donors to pay that off late last year, largely because of the state treasury dollars he gave directly or indirectly to those donors.

But the media is still lying to you -- it has actually come out that he owed at least TWICE that and this does not include more than $100,000 he stole from Wisconsin taxpayers to campaign around the country. His failed motorcycle tour/campaign actually cost much MORE than what the media has reported as a daily average -- at least $180,000 per day!

I can accept that God told him to do it, but surely Our Lord did not command him to do so running on the platform that we was, "a married man with 2 sons that rides a Harley".

And about that wall between the U.S. and Candada, one of the longest national borders in the world, surely isn't something that Jesus would advocate for.