Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Walker, Johnson, Bradley trending up in MU poll

Setting aside presidential primary numbers which show gains for Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz that are not hugely surprising, the bigger news is that Gov. Scott Walker's favorable statewide rating is still under 50% but his rehabilitative travels have lifted his number to 43% from 39%.

Also important is that Walker's hand-picked State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley is outpolling state appeals court judge JoAnne Kloppenberg by five points - - 41-36 - - and incumbent GOP Senator Ron Johnson is closing in on the front-running challenger, former Democratic US Sen. Russ Feingold.

The poll shows high percentages of undecided or disinterested voters in the Bradley-Kloppenberg race with just a few days left before the April 5th election.

That surprises me. Voter fatigue maybe, or an electorate swamped by the presidential chatter, but still a fluid race ultimately tipped by the presidential candidates' turnout.

Kloppenberg benefits if there is a big Sanders/H. Clinton turnout, just as Bradley benefits from a competitive GOP primary. If H. Clinton pulls resources and redirects the spending and energy to bigger state NY, Kloppenberg could lose some spinoff votes, no?


Anonymous said...

A win for Cruz is a win for Walker. Forget the Clinton-Sanders race. Vote for Trump. Not only do you beat Walker, you shame talk radio.

Unknown said...

Nobody's telling the truth on Lincoln Hills.what can i trust them with?original source