Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Another flat-out violation of Wisconsin clean water rights

The Wisconsin State Constitution's Ninth Article incorporates clean water access as a right - - yes, a right, not a privilege - - yet this pro-business, anti-environmental administration keeps undermining the Doctrine and putting citizen health at risk.

Here is yet another example of what this Governor, and Legislature, and Attorney General, and Department of Natural Resources are tolerating - - this time exposing one couple's travails with groundwater pollution along the river that bears the state's name - - The Wisconsin River:
...rising water pollution in the sloughs and oxbow lakes along the Wisconsin River can be blamed primarily on changing farming practices and the use of nonorganic liquid fertilizers, which are man-made chemical compounds. Some farmland is used as dumping ground for excess fertilizer.
How many more investigative reports have to be written before the federal government finally comes into Wisconsin, declares that years of documented foot-dragging will no longer be tolerated, and acts on behalf of American citizens - - our fellow Wisconsinites - - who are unlucky enough to live where their water rights are being ignored or given away, in plain sight?

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Anonymous said...

Kathy Stepp just unilaterally closed 140 acres of public land along the Wisconsin River because she doesn't like nudists. I don't like looking at neked strangers either but closing the 140 acres to the public is overkill. This is not a solution that most Wisconsinites should support.