Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stalled WI growth, steeped in poverty, also known as...

 ...The "Comeback."

By he who ignores the poverty leap on his watch. 

More fresh data.


Anonymous said...

So does anyone have an accurate number for where Walker is on his pledge to create 250,000 jobs? Is he going to fail to meet this even over 8 years/

Remember, this is who the Wisconsin media echo-chamber endorsed overwhelmingly, lead by Walker's biggest cheerleader, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

And it isn't the endorsements that I am concerned about - it is the shameless pro-Walker propaganda that created our divide-and-conquer Governor.

The same media cheerleaders have no integrity when they publish stories on the economy, job creation, and poverty as these same media assets pumped this bubble up for years now.
It's the same story year-in-year -out: increased debt, bigger debt service payments, austerity for the masses, tax cuts for out-of-state billionaires, cutting workers wages, cutting education and infrastructure spending, eliminating the social safety net, increasing unemployment & poverty, privatization, lies about a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility, and voter suppression & gerrymandering.

This is what MJS and the rest of Wisconsin's dysfunctional media promotes and then they want us to buy their nooooozepapers, watch their tv shows, and listen to their radio stations so they can tell us over-and-over again how they have destroyed our economy.

Anonymous said...

Economic terrorism had consequences and this is exactly what Scott Walker's take)down of Wisconsin's economy is, the destabilization of the Badger State's economy for out)of-state multinational interests.

The only real question is whether it will even be possible to have such massive turnout in upcoming elections so that we can overcome voter suppression, gerrymandering, and election fraud.

The answer? Not likely as doing so will require massive voter turnouts that have never happened before.

Anonymous said...

So where's jake when you need him ;-)

Someone hopefully will chime in on the 250,000 job promise -- a minimum "floor" Walker said. The media flushed this down the memory hole while they boosted Walker back into office in 2016. Is it possible that he will fail to meet his one-term goal after TWO terms?

The cover the media gave Walker in 2014 was outrageous:

Don't expect Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or any of the rest of our noooooze outlets to ever mention this again. After all, it would be "inconvenient" to their BFF Scotty. I hope someone is keeping track so we can push back.