Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump rally set for Paul Ryan/idled GM plant's back yard

[Updated from Friday, March 25.]

Janesville is the perfect strategic spot for Trump's appearance today if establishment ineptitude plus career politician failure is his theme.

*  The site is a Holiday Inn convention center with only a thousand-person capacity - - but it's within easy driving distance of bigger cities, like Milwaukee, and Madison and the Chicago TV media market, too - - so there should be an overflow crowd of both supporters and opponents to fill the seats and TV screens.

*  There's also an idled General Motors assembly plant in Janesville. What a perfect prop for Trump's assaults on trade deals that have exported American jobs. Trump says as President he would kill a new Ford assembly plant in Mexico; who's to say he won't change the script and say he could convince Ford to open that plant in Janesville?

*  The establishment politicians whom Trump regularly vilifies haven't been able to revive the Janesville plant.

Career politician and current GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan just happens to hail from Janesville - - is Trump living right, or what - - and other than calling the abandoned GM factory a "4,000,000 million square foot dust collector" - - hasn't been able to lead the city and GM and the shuttered plant towards an innovative, new-jobs solution.

*  Nor has career politician, GOP Wisconsin and 'open-for-business' Gov. Scott Walker, an early Trump presidential nomination victim made a priority of the plant, though a pro-Walker billboard was briefly and oddly positioned nearby during the 2012 recall election.

Walker failed during his first term to meet his signature promise to create 250,000 new private sector jobs in Wisconsin  - - falling short by nearly half, says Politifact - - and also has on his hands a failed development agency of his creation now mired in scandal-and-audit-hell.

So neither Walker or his PR-driven agency can claim a humming or repurposed auto plant in Janesville as a win.

Billboards and self-serving political spin are the measure of career politicians who like to blame the unemployed for their circumstances, but in the real world do nothing for working men and women in Wisconsin.

In fact, Walker said yesterday that job creation is no longer his priority, which begs the question: when was it?

Janesville is the perfect spot for a Trump appearance if establishment failure and crony capitalism are on the menu.


Anonymous said...

Trump may very well get support from blue collar Democrats, a great fear for the Hillary camp. Voters she would normally count on to beat Bernie Sanders are likely going to vote in the Republican primary for Trump.

Blue collar conservatives still feeling the sting from Walker and Republicans over Right To Work and Prevailing Wage legislation will not vote for anyone they promote, i.e. Cruz.

This theory has a basis in Scott Walker's polling numbers which have tanked since Republicans began their attack on the middle class in Wisconsin. Shortly after the attack began, Walker lost all political momentum on the national campaign for the Republican nomination.

All Scott Walker has left in a potential appointment is hope that Cruz wins the presidency. Trump would never consider him for any position in the federal government.

I wish Trump would have come to Waukesha, the perfect backdrop of GE closing Waukesha Engine and moving all the manufacturing jobs to Canada. Another Walker embarrassment

Anonymous said...

Can some helpful person accurately determine how many actual jobs have been created through Walker's second term. We cannot let the media continue to flush his failures down the memory hole. They succeeded in catapulting the propaganda that Walker's clearly stated 250,000 jobs promise was just what he hoped to achieve and missing it did not matter.

Could it be that after 2 terms, if accurately adjusted to take out the jobs created by former Gov. Jim Doyle and accounting for some very large layoffs, that Walker will not even see 250,000 jobs created by the end of his second term?

The media has already made sure no one will ever mention this in a meaningful way again -- is there a regular follower here, or could you check Mr. Rowen, so that we can put the failed Walker economy in perspective when he runs for his third term.

PREDICTION: If a republican is elected to the White House, expect Walker to be given a cabinet post or department head position so that, just like Tommy Thompson, he can flee being held accountable for the train-wreck he created.

Unknown said...

Wisconsin voters...next week's vote is important. Although you would not think so after reading this from your governor..

Don't let the GOP bosses win. This Enquirer noise is part of the establishment noise.
Wisconsin Republicans/Democrats/Independents, give a voice to the American voters, workers and middle America. Vote for the only candidate that can win before the convention and will not be beholden to the Washington establishment...vote Trump

Anonymous said...

1. Didn't Walker and all the other candidates on stage sign a pledge to support the front runner?
2. Don't expect Walker to get a cabinet position as if you remember he never get a college degree. Maybe that should be brought again.