Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The WI water privateers are at it again

GOP state senators intent on giving big groundwater users permanent permits regardless of the impact on neighbors' wells or the broader public interest are again working to give the water away.
Senate Bill 239 relating to groundwater is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism Committee today, Wednesday, March 2nd.


Anonymous said...

I just learned something interesting today, part of this pattern. DOJ, which prosecutes significant environmental cases, and ALL CAFO cases (cafos cannot be cited by Wardens, any prosecution must go to DOJ) used to have 6 environmental prosecutors. Walker has reduced that to 2! What a sneaky subtle way to make sure environmental enforcement comes to a standstill. And it has. All CAFO cases, for example, are officially "..not moving forward at this time." The rest of businesses abusing our environment are getting free reign also.

I cannot overstate the hatred Walker has for any environmental protection.

Anonymous said...

With CAFOs I believe they get to continue to operate under there old permit if they are currently in violation.