Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ex-Walker aide helped instigate Trump-Cruz spousal spat

Lest you forgot how to connect the dots, Bucky:

An ad aimed at conservative Utah voters this week that featured a racy photo of a former model before she got married to Donald Trump was created by a pro-Cruz, anti-Trump PAC, Make America Awesome, that is run by Liz Mair:

Liz Mair, founder of Make America Awesome, said the point of the campaign is to rally voters around Ted Cruz, and she expects the ads to reach 10,000 Mormon voters per day.
The ad kicked off days of nasty, personal volleys between Trump and Cruz, and some of the reporting now sports Wisconsin datelines because the GOP nomination fight has moved to Dairyland.

And if Mair's name rings a bell with Wisconsinites it's because she had worked for Scott Walker and was slotted to be a key communications figure in his Iowa campaign...

...Until she had to go:

An online communications strategist working for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) campaign-in-waiting resigned late Tuesday, according to The Associated Press, after controversy erupted over disparaging comments she had made about Iowa. 
The news agency said that Liz Mair’s resignation — only a day after news broke that she had been hired — would be immediate, quoting a statement from her.
But she didn't go quietly: 
Liz Mair, ex-communications consultant for Scott Walker, offered up an extended commentary in tweet form about his exit from the presidential race on Monday. 
And now, months later, Walker is under pressure to endorse Cruz as part of the stop-Trump movement.

Small, wacky world, and so many connections.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Is there a lower form of alleged human than a GOP campaign operative? The last few years indicate "No."

First class group of folks, aren't they?