Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fresh WisDOT propaganda serves the road-builders

Driven by an administration that is in thrall to the road-building lobby while starving transit, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation gins up color-coded, buzzword-laden data and despair about what it calls increasing major highway congestion - - motorists' inability to enjoy "free flowing" fantasy-land traffic conditions in or near Milwaukee and Madison which, to be honest, larger cities would kill for.

Inconvenient, sure. Deserving of the scary red ink in the report and also in un-budgeted lane and ramp expansion moving to ground-breaking without guaranteed revenues to pay for them?


Related matters as the administration, standing outside the mainstream for a clear, backward-looking view, ideologically embraces fossil fuels:

The administration's hostility to solar power.

The administration's hostility to cleaner power.

The administration's hostility to wind power.

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CG96 said...

It is as if the road builders don't realize that building more highway lanes simply results in more driving, and more congestion.