Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Righty talk radio setting Wisconsin on Cruz control

I'm assuming that Scott Walker will fall in line with other so-called establishment GOP politicians like Jeb! and endorse Ted Cruz for President, in large part because conservative talk radio in the state which has long boosted Walker is leading the pro-Cruz, stop-Trump bandwagon.

Such a move by Walker before the April 5th primary voting here would tick off his more rural constituents in the state's northern and western counties where Trump has some backing, but Walker's deeper base is in the solidly-conservative Republican counties - - Waukesha,Washington, Ozaukee - - surrounding Milwaukee where talk radio is strong and where GOP voters supply the party with funding and turn out in droves.

And Walker needs those Milwaukee suburban counties for a 2018 re-election campaign, and can spend time and political capital in the north and west to make nice and make up with Trump supporters, if need be.

The contradiction, of course, is that Jeb! and Paul Ryan others attacked Trump's call for banning Muslims' entrance into the US as antithetical to the reputation of The Party of Lincoln.

And to intelligent and productive engagment with Muslims as everyday Americans with rights, and also in the broader war against ISIS, as reported by The New York Times:
Mr. Bush drew applause from when he challenged the wisdom of Mr. Trump’s call to temporarily halt Muslims from entering the nation.  
“I hope you reconsider this because this is a policy that makes it impossible to build a policy that takes out ISIS,” Mr. Bush said, referring to the need to build an international coalition to act against the terrorist organization. “Sending that makes it impossible for us to be serious about taking out ISIS and restoring democracy in Syria,” he said. “I hope you’ll reconsider.” 
Yet Cruz yesterday called for enhanced patrolling and monitoring of Muslim neighborhoods - - wherever those neighborhoods or residences might be, let alone identified.

Jeb! said he was endorsing Cruz to call out and stand against Trump's vulgarity.

Surveilling some American neighborhoods according to residents' religious affiliation as Cruz is urging isn't vulgar?

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton gets what Cruz and his backers don't:
“He doesn’t know the hell what he is talking about, to be frank with you,” Bratton told “CBS This Morning.” 
We'll see how the pols and talkers in Wisconsin manage the inconsistencies and risks of a Ted Cruz embrace which rejects The Donald, along with Mr. Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing more motivating to vote for Donald Trump than zero delagates Scott Walker.

Unknown said...

I hoping the Wisconsin voters will really think about voting for Trump. I like millions of other people are disgusted with what is happening between Trump and Cruz. I am backing Trump because we can not afford to have another 4 - 8 years of what we have now. Look what it has done to our country. People lost their jobs, people lost their homes. We ( my husband and I ) both lost our jobs to China and it caused us to lose our home. We can not let this keep happening and by voting for Ted Cruz that is exactly what you are voting for. He is a crooked lying politician, We need to shake up Washington and get these crooked politicians and their lobbyist friends out of Washington. Now I really want you to be honest with yourselves about the illegal aliens that have come here illegally and have taken jobs away from people who are here legally.They come into the country, take our jobs away from us, drive our wages down and most importantly commit serious crimes including murder. We can not afford to continue to let these things happen. I and I think most of you if you really be honest with yourselves agree this has to stop. Donald Trump will definitely help us with these problems. We need a TEMPORARY closed border so we can just sit back and see who these people are who are here illegally. Why should we be paying for these people to come here and get free medical or even disability. Wake up who do you think is paying for them? We are, it has to stop. I am really hoping that after you have read this it will show you why we need to vote for Donald Trump.Forget about all the stupid crap that is going on between them think about what the country needs to get us back to what America use to be.Let's make America Great Again.