Friday, March 4, 2016

More questions raised about Waukesha water diversion plan

The Buffalo News says the answer for now from New York Gov. Cuomo should be no:
Diverting water from Lake Michigan should be a last resort, not the easiest route. Because the city hasn’t exhausted other options, for now the answer should be no.
All eight Great Lakes Governors must approve the application; one veto sinks it.

As noted also in the chilly reception the application got at a public session in Duluth:

Minnesota Sen. Ann Rest, DFL-New Hope, who was the chief author of the compact legislation in Minnesota, said Thursday that Waukesha's application doesn't meet the compact's "narrow exemption" for communities bordering the watershed...
No one spoke in favor of letting Waukesha divert the water during the listening session, held by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said the comments made Thursday will be used to inform Gov. Mark Dayton. Just one Great Lakes governor opposing it will derail Waukesha's application. 
While Thursday's comments will only go to Dayton, residents can have their comments considered by the compact conference by emailing them to by March 14. 
And a Waukesha blogger says some of the water is to be re-diverted to the Town of Waukesha - - which is poised for growth, records show:
In the Great Lakes Application, Waukesha says that the expanded water service area isn’t about growth. But a Community Growth Analysis Report that was prepared for the Waukesha School District says otherwise.
The Waukesha School District serves areas beyond the City of Waukesha, including the proposed expanded service area. 

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Reason to learn said...

This community over the last decade... Has spawned a following of idiots that have continuously voted against paying taxes, improving infrastructure, paying for anything that could benefit the people of our state. Now, after years of not being proactive in their water issues, they want to divert resources and have our state and surrounding states support a massive fleecing of one of our last resources, lake Michigan? Sorry Waukesha you're on your own, which is the same attitude you've had twards the people of this state for years. What do your politicians often say about Milwaukee..? Oh yeah, they're a drain on our state.