Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DNR Secretary Stepp unaware of clean air, water value

Remember Wisconsin's signature tourism, recreation, fishing and beverage industries?

Someone better pass the word to Cathy Stepp, our DNR Secretary, who recently said:

DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, a former homebuilder, recalled at one agency listening session how an employee told her that “clean air and clean water, that those were our customers. 
And I said, ‘Well, the last time I checked, they don’t pay taxes and they don’t sign our paychecks.’ “
So, actually, clean and air and water do pay taxes and your paycheck.


Anonymous said...

She is so shallow it hurts to watch her talk to employees.

Anonymous said...

Check out her LinkedIn profile. No education or jobs listed. Figures. Only list current job and Senate.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This is what's so absurd about the Walker folks talking up tourism this week, because the reason much of Wisconsin gets visitors is its great natural beauty, especially its lakes. And Walker's Admin is doing its best to destroy that advantage

Anonymous said...

Misstepp is not a very smart person. And she is quite disrespectful of employees. But she is good at following orders.

Anonymous said...

These are Walker appointees and watch as higher ranking civil service employees are sent packing and replaced by Walker donors with the same qualifications as Stepp.

Anonymous said...

James: This is off topic but take a look at the letter sent to the DOT BY THE Wisconsin County Highway Association taking them to the wood shed for DOT lying about the condition of Wisconsin's roads. Talk about DOT getting caught with their collective pants down around their ankles! Dot had the balls to ask counties to provide data on county roads and then used the data to falsely report that Wisconsin roads were "fair or above." Walker's got some explaining to do on this one.

Anonymous said...

Stepp is worried that it may be too late to save the billion dollar deer hunting industry in Wisconsin that was destroyed by CWD -- on her watch.


[My query to the USGS follows.]

A graphic on the website of USGS National Wildlife Health (sic) Center in Madison, WI (updated March 2016) indicates CWD infects the deer currently in three captive facilities. An article in the December 2015 Journal-Sentinel newspaper (see link, following) states, "'[The deer farm where CWD-infected buck was killed] is the 13th captive cervid facility in Wisconsin to have a CWD-positive animal,' according to DATCP records."

Is there a current update on whether all the deer on the cited 13 captive cervid facilities with CWD-infected deer (and any infected herds on the 400+ additional deer farms in Wisconsin) were culled or will be culled?

Thank you.