Monday, March 28, 2016

About fighting terrorism, Walker, Ron Johnson head scratchers

In a single story about combating domestic terrorism, you've got Ron Johnson praising the Obama administration while a self-referential Scott Walker, still living the national figure dream, has nothing original to say.

"I would actually suggest here in this state, the most effective strategy is one you all have heard me talk about multiple times: if you see something, say something. Not limited to certain neighborhoods or certain backgrounds," Walker told reporters.
“Positive engagement in communities would be far more effective way of doing this,” Johnson told WRN. “I’m highly supportive of what the Department of Homeland Security is trying to do, what this administration is trying to do.”

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Anonymous said...

Ok I've seen something so I'll take the the next step. I seen a bunch of shady character skulking around the capital late at night meeting in groups and whispering about getting this group or that group. I've seen them in the legislative chambers barring anyone else from entering. These co-conspirators have been known to celebrate, in local pubs, the damage they have done to their "enemies". They have invaded public and private land to pillage its wealth. They have sentenced low income citizen to a constant barrage of insults and restricted their access to the voting booths in their communities. They have built alliances with corporate invaders and have reaped the benefits of their pillaging of public land. In the not to distant past their leader was heard to say he was going to drop "the bomb". This is one dangerous group that needs to be driven from the state. Their latest salvo is to take away the weapons of their enemies. They are restricting access to the voting booths thus denying the citizen a method of bring them to their knees.