Monday, March 7, 2016

Wisconsin moving backward on solar, renewable energy benefits

This 2015 report sums up Walker's costly, anti-consumer war on renewable power:
Report: Wisconsin utilities lead in fighting solar energy
And is underscored by this fresh, backward step in Wisconsin: 
Bill would cut funding for Wisconsin energy efficiency program
Presaged here:
Wisconsin Legislature to cut millions from energy conservation 
So this new report shows what we're missing from the national picture in backwater Wisconsin:
For The First Time, Solar Will Be The Top New Source Of Energy This Year
Though there was a bit of good news last week, we still have a long way to go because the big investor-owned utilities and GOP politicos have not bought in yet:
Dairyland Power announces major solar projects


Anonymous said...

When the leader of the state wants increased use of fossil fuels and less efforts to limit pollution and discourages growth in break through environmentally friendly energy industries that are making startup strides in the Midwest and other areas of the country it is no wonder that Wisconsin is trending backwards in economic, environmental, educational and industrial growth. This is the Walker no growth austerity plan that is causing more people to leave the state than to enter and has resulted in Wisconsin becoming a low wage, low opportunity state that is stagnating and experiencing negative economic performance. The 2016 legislative elections allow the hope for change if Wisconsinites declare that they have had enough of 6 years of failed policies!

Anonymous said...

WOW! NO need only are Walker, his cabal, and the corporate interests they represent to the detriment of Wisconsinites generally piggish, but when it comes to energy policies, they are all absolute swine.