Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DC Metro is cautionary tale about deteriorated infrastructure, deferred maintenance

DC Metro could shut down entire subway lines for up to six months.

How many other transportation systems, including bridges nationwide, are in dire need of major fixes put off by politicians and managers in various stages of denial?

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Anonymous said...

Well the kid that got killed when Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker refused to fund necessary maintenance of a parking structure should have already taught Wisconsin this "cautionary tale". Instead, his propaganda tools in the media flushed this down the memory hole and Wisconsin voters largely never knew how deadly his brand of tea-baggin' divide-and-conquer really is.

Say what you will about a DC Metro story that we should learn from, but the fact is that as long as Wisconsin media is dominated by Walker apologists and right-wing hacks, there is no lesson from anything -- even with kids are killed.