Saturday, March 12, 2016

Breaking WI news: Walker lowers Open Records stonewall

Ye of little faith:
Scott Walker orders quicker responses to records requests


Anonymous said...

Oh please. As State employee, I can tell you that all the things he wants our agency to put in place to deal with requests already exists. What's missing? PEOPLE TO IT! And is he going to give the agencies more people? NOPE. So sorry journalists. You are still going to have to wait for your requests because, while they are saying the right things, they don't mean it. We have more people spinning PR than anything else in the agency I work at. And it is not a small agency. Look at each agency and count the staff doing "communications." I am sure you will find it illuminating.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of a recent open records request by an employee at a UW System school for the complete (multi-million dollar) budget records for a particular college at that university. From what I heard the dean of that college turned over four pages as the "budget", essentially taunting the employee to do something about it and implying retribution if the matter was pushed. And with the Regents' recent actions, that could mean the end of a career.

The secrecy, arrogance, even corruption, engendered by the Walker administration has seeped down and tainted too much of our state institutions.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker also said he didn't want to see Right To Work legislation come to his desk - before he was re-elected.

It's an empty promise meant to damage control the party after attempting to change the open records law, all in time for Sunshine Week.

If you don't believe me, look a few posts back by James on AB554 where a voice vote in the Assembly took place to allow a municipal water utility to be sold or operated by a for-profit out of state corporation.

That would make open records laws not apply to a water utility. THINK FLINT, MICHIGAN OR WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN

Excellent article here:

Anonymous said...

When has anything that Walker said been right, fair or honest? He said it but then gave the usual "wink....wink."