Friday, March 11, 2016

Updating Waukesha Bypass highway project, water diversion plan

The Great Lakes states (with Canadian input) are moving towards a decision on the City of Waukesha's application for a diversion of Great Lakes water.

Additionally, the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and Waukesha area officials, are also moving towards launching the long-delayed highway expansion known as the Waukesha Bypass through some of the same expanded service territory that is in line for some of the diverted Great Lakes water, should the application be approved.
I wrote about that in 2010:
Waukesha County, where small-government, fiscally-conservative politics is said to be the norm, is also about to absorb multiple government actions and spending that will direct where population expansion - - thus construction, development, traffic and demands for taxpayer-paid services - - will take place...
Some residents in the bordering, more rural Town of Waukesha are not happy with the Bypass - - project area map here - - or the prospect of diverted Lake Michigan water being offered in the town, but the state, county and city - - bigger governments, along with the unelected SEWRPC - - are calling the shots that will push development out from the City of Waukesha into open space and the smaller communities. 
Bypass highway options would run north/south between I-94 and State Highway 59...basically the Bypass will go somewhere north/south - - again the Bypass map is here - - through a portion of the expanded water service territory. 
Note related issues raised over the years, here, and also here:

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Boxer said...

Freeways through wetlands + unnecessary Great Lakes diversions = unlimited growth for the city and county of Waukesha.